Welcome to my blog. Since I’ve only a few words to grab your attention, I just wanna say About A Spot is a labor of love as much as of hate. I created it, because I got pissed.

It was a familiar anger of stepping into dog shit at a cemetery. The frustration of seeing rich people congratulate each other at a charity that collected less than it’d cost to wash the carpets. The annoyance of having some dipshit listen from a loudspeaker on a crowded bus.

I got angry, because I couldn’t find the information about the countries I was planning to visit. Obvious information the Internet was made for.

It exists. But it’s either scattered, boring or irrelevant. What’s worse, the travel blogs I found were oozing with fake smiles. The self-promotion tailored at social media, repetitive list-like content and recommendations as appealing as airplane food. A bunch of rich, fortunate people interested in cultures and places only as much as it brings them likes and views. They all scream “Look at me and how awesome my life is!”, not “Here’s why this place matters”.

So I decided to fill in a gap. Every brick of this website is made of love for nature, humanity and knowledge. And they’re cemented with hate for dishonesty, narcissism and phony.

But the most important question is…

What’s in it for you?

The goal is to give you enough context to make the right choices.

We all like different stuff. Does it make sense to visit what everyone else visits? Do the same activities? Follow the tourist trough?

Knowing the big picture, you can focus on the things YOU like. In reality there’s never enough time or resources to visit everywhere. Nor is there enough ink to describe it all. And it’s just so damn hard to understand different cultures and people! So I offer you a starting point, a mental map, a springboard to properly search, plan and enjoy your trip. 

I can’t promise to be completely thorough or to be always right. But I promise to be honest and diligent.

And gifs. I fucking enjoy a good gif.


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